Study & Research within Africa

Äthiopische Studierende arbeitet am Laptop in der Universitätsbibliothek.
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Are you interested in studying, researching, or teaching in Ethiopia? Have you thought about completing an internship or learning a foreign language abroad? Here you can find all the information.

Zeremonie des Kaffeebrühens in Äthiopien.

Information on Ethiopia

Here you will find information on scholarship programmes for study, teaching and research stays, university projects and scientific collaborations in Ethiopia and more country-specific information.

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Ausschnitt der Stele mit Beschriftung Ortsnetz.

DAAD Ortslektor Programme

At many higher education institutions in non-German-speaking countries, German teachers are also employed who are not supported by the DAAD or other institutions. They generally teach German Language, Literature, and German Studies. The DAAD offers these lecturers possibilities for professional support as part of its Ortslektor programme.

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Eine Studierende geht lächelnd mit Einschreibungsunterlagen im Arm vor der Universität.

Study, Research & Teach Abroad

From planning to financing, here you will find all the necessary information on study-related stays abroad and scholarships for students, graduates and lecturers.

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Icon eines weißen Datenblatts auf blauem Grund

Analysis of the System of Higher Education in Ethiopia and Overview of DAAD Activities

Below you will find comprehensive statistics, information, and analyses on the higher education and academic systems as well as an overview of DAAD activities on site. The following information is currently available in German only.

Anzeigen deutscher Hochschulen



Screenshot der Landkarte mit Markierung des DAAD-Standorts