Science Slam May 13, 2015

The first Ethiopian Science Slam took place on May 13, 2015 at Goethe-Institute Addis Ababa


Three brave so called “slammers” presented their research topics in both a scientific and entertaining way. As it seemed the audience enjoyed listening to the young students and scientist and were impressed by the creativity which the candidates have shown. The chosen topics for the individual presentations showed a great variety and let the audience get some insight into the “Evolution of Technology”, grinder and discovering podoconiosis susceptibility genes.

It is the aim of Science Slam to create a communication platform between Science, young researches and the public. The interaction encourages scientists to present their project in an appealing and understandable way outside the University and its context. Moreover, since the audience has to vote who is going to be the winner of this contest, this kind of event offers also an active participation for the audience. This formate of communicating Science has been established in Germany in 2006 and has since gained popularity. Last June, even a European Science Slam took place in Copenhagen.

Though this Science Slam has not have that many participants, the main idea became clear and the audience has been delighted by the presenters. At this point I would like to thank the participants again for the amazing presentations.