Alumni Organizations

Alumniportal Deutschland    

As cooperation project between five organizations and financed by the German Federal Government, the DAAD operates an internet portal which has been developed for people who have studied in Germany or have finished an education with the aim of supporting these Deutschland-Alumni to use their intercultural, linguistic and technical competence optimally.

The Alumniportal Deutschland offers a contact platform, professional training, language courses, and a job exchange platform to secure and expand acquired contacts and expertise and support the personal and professional development of the Deutschland-Alumni. Furthermore, the portal provides information about upcoming alumni events worldwide.


Association of Ethiopians Educated in Germany (AEEG)      

AEEG was founded as association of fellow country-men educated in Germany by Ethiopians in 1994, and provides a forum for returnees to participate in the Ethiopian society. Nowadays, the association has over 650 registered members specialized in various academic fields and there are branches across the country. The main office is located in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopians educated in Germany shall contribute and actively participate in building a just, peaceful and prosperous society in Ethiopia. In order to foster the development of the country, AEEG cooperates with various German partners and maintain and establish networks to German organizations.

The main objectives of AEEG are:

  • Informing returned alumni about the current socio-economic situation of Ethiopia and assisting in their effort of re-establishment
  • Assisting alumni in getting jobs and successfully integrating in the community
  • Creating and coordinating projects in line with the Millennium Development Goals
  • Sharing experiences and expertise among the alumni
  • Building networks with development-relevant German and Ethiopian partners as well as with NGOs working in the field of development

For further information, please visit the website or contact AEEG directly:

You find the Main office here:

International Leadership Institute, Room 305 (next to Embassy of Egypt), around Sidist Kilo