As the DAAD considers “the end of a scholarship as the beginning of a long-standing active relationship”, all scholarship holders and researchers, who have been granted support for a long term stay (from 12 month onwards) by the DAAD, can participate in the special Alumni Programmes of the DAAD.

DAAD is offering various activities, services and grants for its Alumni’ that aim to:

  • link between the alumni themselves, between the alumni and their German host institution and with the DAAD to exchange expertise and experience;

  • establish and expand professional and personal ties with Germany;

  • and deepen the academic exchange between Ethiopia and Germany.

We wish to inform our alumni members about the developments and trends in the academic realm in Germany and promote lifelong learning. The programmes aim to build networks on a professional and regional level and we would like our future scholarship holders to benefit from the experience and knowledge of our alumni members.

Besides the DAAD Alumni programmes and services, there are independent Alumni Organizations in Germany as well as in Ethiopia.