German Embassy Celebrated German Unity with Partners and Friends (3.10.2014)

On October 3, the German Embassy invited more than 700 guests from Ethiopian politics, business and civil society, the diplomatic corps and the German community in Ethiopia to celebrate the German national holiday. 24 years ago, after a peaceful revolution in Eastern Germany, which culminated in the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany reunified. In his speech, Ambassador Schmidt drew a line from World War I to the Unification in 1990, and he enhanced that nowadays, Germany is engaged in various multilateral settings and takes global responsibility.

But not only the 24th anniversary of the German Unification set the context of the reception, as well this year’s 50th anniversary of the Ethio-German development cooperation was an important thematic frame. In September, the Ethiopian and German Government negotiated on the bilateral development cooperation of the next three years, in the course of that the German Government has committed more than 120 million Euro. In the context of Ethio-German cooperation, several German partner organizations presented their work at the reception, among others the Information Centre Addis Ababa of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).  

The IC Addis Ababa informed not only about scholarships, but also presented its engagement within the Ethio-German cooperation. In September, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education and the DAAD have signed a cooperation agreement on a joint scholarship programme - the Home Grown PhD Scholarship Programme. The programme aims at developing staff capacities in engineering and technology at the two Science and Technology Universities and the ten Institutes of Technology in Ethiopia. Up to 40 PhD candidates shall be awarded a scholarship per annual intake.

Since the 1960s, DAAD has been granting scholarships to Ethiopian students going to Germany, and vice versa for German students coming to Ethiopia. In 2013, more than 550 Ethiopian students and scientifics have been benefiting from this support.