2nd Annual Symposium of the Haddis Alemayehu Institute of Cultural Studies in Debre Markos (1.-2.3.2014)

“Preservation of Ethiopian Cultural and Literary Heritages: Focussing on Manuscripts and Indigenous Knowledge” – this was the topic of the Second Annual Symposium of the Haddis Alemayehu Institute of Cultural Studies (Debre Markos University). Poets, musicians, clergymen and other cultural stakeholders and practitioners as well as cultural scientists, philologists and linguists presented their experiences and exchanged their opinions. The event was enriched by live performances of the famous flute player Yohannes Afework and recitations by the poets Wudalat Gedamu and Abere Adamu, among others.

Scientists from abroad included the DAAD-Alumni Prof. Peter Wasamba of Nairobi University – a specialist on Oral Literature –, Dr. Getie Gelaye and Dr. Denis Nosnitsin as well as Dr. Antonella Brita, all from the University of Hamburg (Asien-Afrika-Institut resp. Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian Studies).

The Asien-Afrika-Institut strives for a closer cooperation with the Haddis Alemayehu Institute. Last year, Dr. Getie visited Debre Markos University and arranged on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding document which will enable exchange of staff, students, and researchers and carry out joint research projects. In 2010, Dr. Getie taught various Folklore Courses at Bahir Dar University in the framework of a DAAD-Short-term Lecturership.

Dr. Nosnitsin heads an international team of young scholars at the Hiob Ludolf Centre who dedicate their efforts to securing, preserving, evaluating and analysing the written heritage of Christian Ethiopia. The Ethio-SPARE project is funded by the European Research Council.