Center for International Health: Academic Teacher Training Course “Establishing Medical Schools in Limited Resources“ in Debre Zeit (9.-12.12.2013)

The College of Public Health and Medical Science (Jimma University) and the Center for International Health (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich) jointly organised this ATTC. Given that a good number of medical schools have been created from scratch, the course focussed on the question: What is the bare minimum required? In different working groups, the resources for setting up medical schools were evaluated and the output and quality of medical schools in relation to social needs and minimum requirements were analysed. 

Eventually, the participants of the course from Ethiopia, Germany, Mozambique, Somalia and South Sudan came up with the draft of a consensus paper on “Establishing Medical Schools in Limited Resources“ with an emphasis on the African context. The post-course assignment for the participants is to complete the work on the consensus paper. 

The Center for International Health (CIH) in Munich is one of five centers funded as an “Excellence Center for Exchange and Development in Higher Education (EXCEED)”. The EXCEED programme aims at supporting German higher education institutions together with their partners in developing countries. Support is given to those institutions that contribute to the realization of the Millenium Development Goals and other goals of development cooperation policy in an innovative manner. 

The EXCEED programme is administered by the DAAD and financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The CIH is supported since 2009 with up to 1 million € per annum. 

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