23rd Annual National Education Conference in Dire Dawa (24.-25.10.2013): Certificate of Partnership awarded to the DAAD

The DAAD was awarded a Certificate of Partnership by the Minister of Education, His Excellency Ato Shiferaw Shigute, at the Annual National Education Conference. The award is in recognition of DAAD´s outstanding contributions in the education sector development in Ethiopia during 2013.

The key themes addressed during the conference were quality education improvement and the fiscal year 2012-13 performances of all the education subsectors as well as the way forward to the implementation of the current fiscal year education sector plan at all levels.

The conference brought together over 550 stakeholders: (a) the Ministry of Education and other sector Ministries; (b) Presidents and Vice Presidents of all universities; (c) Student union representatives; (d) Regional Government Education Bureau Heads and Deputy Heads; (e) Heads and Vice Heads of Regional TVET institutes; (f) Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Societies; (g) Professional and Development Associations; and (h) Education Development Partners.

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