Hirsch-Institute of Tropical Medicine: Inauguration in Asella (16.10.2013)

On October 16, 2013, the Hirsch-Institute of Tropical Medicine was officially inaugurated on the Asella Campus of the Adama University of Science and Technology (ASTU). The Hirsch-Institute was founded in cooperation with the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHUD) in order to establish a long-lasting partnership for medical training and high quality medical research in the field of infectious diseases and tropical medicine.

The collaboration between the ASTU and the Medical Faculty of the HHUD was launched in 2009 and an official collaboration agreement was signed in 2010.  After almost 2 years of planning and construction, the building was completed in early 2013 and commenced operation shortly afterwards. The construction of the building was mainly made possible through a donation of 120,000 € by the Düsseldorf based entrepreneur Wolfgang Hirsch.

Based on a cooperation agreement with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, the DAAD recruits international high profile academic staff (president and deans) for ASTU since 2008. The collaboration between HHUD and ASTU which lead to the establishment of the Hirsch-Institute started with the former president Prof. Herbert Eichele and continues under his successor Prof. Jang Gyu Lee. Besides the university president, there are currently three DAAD recruited deans working at ASTU, a fourth one is expected to commence his duties soon.

In addition to the Ethiopian funded cooperation agreement, ASTU benefits from DAAD´s own programmes through which two additional deans, one long-term lecturer and a considerable number of short-term lecturers have been sponsored.  

More information about the Hirsch-Institute are found on the websites of ASTU and HHUD.

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