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Junior Researchers and Postdocs

Germany offers junior researchers and Postdocs excellent research opportunities. Universities and other higher education institutions as well as public- and private-sector non-university research institutions and large research funding organisations support international researchers with postdoctoral jobs and fellowships. Interesting development opportunities for junior researchers also exist in research-intensive industry and with small and medium-sized enterprises. Many companies also work closely with universities and research institutions in application-oriented research and development.

Whether you are seeking a job at a higher education institution or a research institute or are aiming for a career in industry, the essential requirements are an outstanding doctorate, commitment, motivation and a research project that is relevant for your future employer. Read more about your career and research opportunities in Germany on

Why Germany?

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There are many good reasons for a research stay in Germany. The country is one of the world’s leading research nations – particularly in future-oriented fields. Its universities and research institutions are considered among the best in the world.

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Where Can You Do Research?

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Germany offers junior researchers many opportunities to undertake research and improve their qualifications – at universities, non-university research institutions and in industry.

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Research Careers

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You want to improve your qualifications? Germany offers many opportunities: You can become eligible for appointment to a professorship by completing the habilitation process, work as a junior professor or lead a junior research group. Industry also offers alternative career opportunities.

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Funding Opportunities for Junior Researchers


Many German organizations support highly qualified international Postdocs. Here you find a wide selection of funding programmes for international Postdocs by various funding organisations.

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Postdoctoral Research Jobs and Fellowships

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Researchers who come directly to Germany after completing their doctorates can gain research experience at a higher education institution or a research institute with a research fellowship or job. Industry also needs junior researchers.

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Junior Research Groups

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Working as head of a junior research group gives outstanding young researchers the opportunity to manage their own research group and conduct research on their own project.

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Successful completion of a junior professorship is an alternative to habilitation and also confers eligibility to a full professorship with tenure. This path enables young, highly qualified junior researchers to begin researching and teaching immediately after completing their doctorates.

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Research Jobs in Industry

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As a high-tech nation, Germany has a great demand for applied research. Many German companies – whether well known global players or specialised small and medium-sized companies that are often world market leaders – offer attractive career opportunities for junior researchers.

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Research Trips & Short Research Stays

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In addition to grants for research stays and projects, there are also a large number of smaller support programmes that offer, for example, travel scholarships, summer and language courses, mentoring programmes and prizes for excellent research work.

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Language Requirements

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German research is international. The use of English as the language of research is usually taken for granted at research institutes, in internationally oriented companies and also at universities.

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